Top 6 Best Office Laptops

The best office laptops is the topic today in 2022. In the current crisis, a laptop may be more convenient than buying a desktop PC. After all, you need something that is durable, safe, strong, lightweight and able to withstand a long day’s work. With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the perfect one.

Fortunately for you, we’ve found some laptop models that can make your job easier.

An office notebook can be cheap, good enough to do daily chores in an office! In 2022, we have plenty of models to choose from, but not all models are made specifically for business. The differences are subtle, and are often found in the components under the housing.

Which office laptop model should I buy?

You can opt for a very cheap model.

It all depends on the tasks you want to do.


Maybe you only work with Microsoft Excel for simple task tables or tasks, then you can opt for super cheap templates.

If you need something ultra-portable, then the prices go up as well, but the performance will increase in proportion to the allocated budget.

You will be able to use it in conferences connected to either a 4K OLED TV or a 4k video projector.

At a Glance:

What type of user do I recommend these desktop laptop models?

It’s the kind of laptop that fits well for all types of users: for the personal business office, for multimedia, even for gaming, but don’t expect to play games with the maximum details and full HD resolution.

These business-oriented office laptops have almost the same basic components as consumer laptops (fingerprint readers and facial recognition); robust MIL-SPEC tested chassis and keyboards; Intel-vPro-certified network and power management; and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for secure access. You’ll also find choices for professional versions of Windows. Design similarities are bound to appear on the market with so many black or thin silver laptops, but the differences are under the hood.

The line between tablets and laptops is also blurred. Once the two were separated from operating systems, there are now more tablets for companies running true versions of Windows. Some of these tablets even have removable physical keyboards.

But make no mistake, business laptops have a place in the business world, and choosing the right one can determine whether you run a successful company or one that has financial problems.

How to distinguish between a premium desktop laptop and a consumer model.

First of all, for a business office laptop, you need to consider the following features:

Laptop weight

Top performance

The construction should be made of alloy

Greater autonomy

Screen with the highest possible resolution and with anti-glare

For cheap office laptop models the following features will be notable:

The weight will be over 2kg

Performance is limited

Plastic construction

Reduced autonomy

Low light screen

Price below $500

It all depends on the budget and the type of use of the contractor. Each laptop has small features.

The question is: what kind of tasks do you want that laptop to do?

Do you value your image, DPDV of design?

Here are the models chosen from each segment of office laptops:

The Top 6 Best Office Laptops Recommendation

Recommend Laptop with AMD
Best PickLenovo ThinkPad E15
Check Price
Best business laptop
Staff PickDell Inspiron 15 5510
Check Price
A lightweight and high-performance
ASUS VivoBook S14
Check Price
Slim and Light Laptop
Budget PickAcer Swift 3
Check Price
A high-performance model
HP Business Laptop
Check Price
Entrepreneurs Laptop 2022
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E590 
Check Price

Lenovo ThinkPad E15

Best Pick


4000 series processor

WiFi 6

Battery 10 hours +

I rarely recommend laptops with AMD processors, but this time the price-performance ratio forces me to put it in this top of 2022.

The battery lasts unexpectedly, in office tasks it should last at least 6-7 hours.

Quality keyboard, in fact a quality that I do not see too often in other brands. It has some features of a premium office laptop, such as: fingerprint reader, high quality case, etc.

On the connectivity side, it looks unexpectedly good, it has wifi with standard transmission axis, about 4 usb ports, hdmi, but it doesn’t have a card reader. For photo enthusiasts, it could be quite an inconvenience.

The performance is formidable, but not excellent, at least a 16gb ram memory would have worked, but you can upgrade in the future.

What do I dislike? I don’t like that you have to install the operating system yourself, and the screen is dimly lit, if you are going to use it outdoors, you should look for another model.


  • Good keyboard
  • Good performance
  • Good material quality


  • Dimly lit screen

Dell Inspiron 15 5510

Staff Pick


Sets       Inspiron 15 5510

Mark     Dell

Specific uses of the product        Multimedia, Company, Personal

Screen size         15.6 inches

Operating system            Windows 10 Home

Human interface input  microphone, keyboard

CPU Manufacturer          Intel

Card Description               Intel Iris Xe Graphics

Color     Silver

Connectivity technology               Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, HDMI

A very well-balanced business laptop with great potential for future upgrades.

It is the kind of laptop that helps you in all circumstances at the office. The numeric keypad on the right could be very efficient for those in the economic / financial industry, for notary offices, accountants, etc.

Rams can be upgraded to 32GB in dual channel and I would recommend adding at least another 8GB, and inside you can also buy an ssd for more storage.

It would be the ideal laptop, but here too we have disadvantages. Although the battery lasts long enough, there are other laptops that offer much more for this budget category. The screen is ok, the brightness is the same whether it is charged or running on the battery. But it is a bit bland and the color accuracy is not good at all. So if you buy it to edit photos or rely on the screen, then switch to another model.

The performance is good, you can even play some titles like Dota2, CS.GO, but with medium details for about 50 fps. To be enchanted is to go beyond the limits of common sense.


  • Upgradeability
  • Good performance
  • Metal chassis


  • Price a bit high

ASUS VivoBook S14


Wifi 6

Alloy housing

NanoEdge display


An ultra-light laptop ideal for offices with almost no compromise. VivoBooks have evolved from generation to generation and improved more and more, and the S14 is a good evolution of this range of business laptops.

If I were to characterize design in one word, then it would be: Elegant !

In terms of performance, I say that it is archetypal for almost any kind of office task. The battery is very generous and lasts a whole day at the office without the need for charging.

I said at the beginning that it is “almost” uncompromising.


As usual, I keep saying that Asus laptops have major deficiencies on the display side. I understand that it is very difficult to put a very brightly lit screen in such a thin frame, but not to be the same as that of a laptop in the 1500 RON budget category. This deficiency is not felt in the office, but if you are outdoors then the situation is complicated.

On the connectivity side, we have plenty of pluses, but also USB 2.0. Seriously Asus ?! Are you still putting usb 2.0 on ultra-light laptops in the premium laptop category?

Know, I’m a little critical of this laptop because I still consider it a remarkable laptop, but those little details prevent me from putting it in the first place in the ranking of this article.


  • Notable performance
  • Right price
  • 512GB m.2 ssd


  • The screen is too dim

Acer Swift 3

Budget Pick


Series    SF314-43-R2YY

Mark     Acer

Specific uses of the product        Personal, Business, Multimedia.

Screen size         14 inches

Operating system            Windows 10 Home

Human interface input  Keyboard

CPU Manufacturer          AMD

Card Description               Integrated

Special features                Multi-touch Gesture

Color     Silver

Here is a recommended model of desktop laptop in the premium category. Acer is a brand that is capturing more and more market segments.

Style, power and easy portability are perfectly combined in Swift 3. Work fast and efficiently or relax and have fun with the AMD CPU and the vivid colors of the 14 ”display. The slim case and long battery life mean that this device is with you wherever you go.
Weight is no longer an issue with this thin and light notebook. Due to its magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum metal housing, it weighs only 1.2 kg and is only 17.9 mm thick.


  • Quality building materials
  • Powerful processor


  • Nothing

HP Business Laptop


Sets       Amd

Mark     hp

Screen size         14 inches

Operating system            Windows 10

Human interface input  Microphone

CPU Manufacturer          amd

Color     Black

hard drive size   512GB

Number of processors   two Chipset

Brand    amd

Here is a laptop model as an alternative, I had to be fair and choose another brand.

A brand that I don’t think needs any introduction. This laptop model is a little more powerful, at least on the “muscle” side of video processing.

It’s a model with an “external” video card!

Sure, it comes bundled with small trade-offs. But, being a relatively cheap laptop, it has a very good value for money.


  • Quality building materials
  • Good for gaming too
  • Very good screen


  • Win 10 S

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E590 


Intel Optane SSD

Good cooling

Dolby® Advanced Audio

1 x USB Type-C

2 x USB 3.1

Lenovo is a popular brand in this segment of laptops for Business, even for Romanian entrepreneurs it is popular. That’s why I recommend it, and it is also the winner of this article, the current offer forces me to give it as the winner of the article (the best laptop for business people).

On the outside, this model is similar to the older versions of laptops, came with a newer generation processor and has been improved in some respects that did not excel in the past.

The keyboard has been improved, this keyboard model is excellent. The cooling system, in fact, has been improved, and now the cooling of the GPU board is much more efficient and with much more stable temperatures.


  • Excellent keyboard
  • Supports ssd m.2 NVMe
  • Nice case design
  • Very long-life battery


  • Poor screen color accuracy
  • The video card sometimes gets too hot

The best business desktop laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E590 wins the title for the best of this top 6.

Here we have chosen only 3 examples from 2 different segments of business laptops. Of course, there is a laptop that fits more for the type of tasks to perform. An ideal model can be found for any company’s budget. An office laptop in the premium segment can give you a plus in terms of the image of your business both individually and as an entrepreneur, but also in general, the “image” speaks volumes in the case of a business meeting.


Whatever you choose the best office laptops, make sure it meets the criteria listed above. I’ve also written articles about laptops for 2022, if you need advice, use the comment box below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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