Top 6 Best Computer Speakers 2022

The best computer speakers come as complementary solutions for gaming headphones to turn your pc into a home multimedia system worthy of 2022. You’re probably tired of holding your headphones on and want to listen to music on a pair of dedicated speakers for your system. Sometimes, it’s also good to take a short break from wearing headphones and a quality computer speaker system complements the system and adds extra immersion.

Here’s what to look for before buying the best pc speakers!

Need the best powerful pc speakers?

Few things are more important than quality PC music. You’ve probably noticed that music sounds good unless you have a good audio quality system. Here I am referring to the sound card  through which the speakers are connected. Even if you have a small budget, you will feel a major improvement in sound quality after purchasing PC speakers.

Be careful,

Some tips to keep in mind before buying a set of computer speakers.

At a Glance:

Stereo, 2.1 or surround sound: What are the best speakers?

Stereo speakers consist of 2 speakers (left and right), 2.1 speakers refer to a pair of speakers with a subwoofer, and surround sound involves between five and seven speakers, plus a subwoofer. The role of the subwoofer is to cover the low bass frequencies, generally below 100Hz. A solid subwoofer at a reasonably high volume can add profound noise to low frequencies produced by explosions in watching movies  and depth to low sounds, bass guitar, orchestras and more. Some stereo speakers, however, sound great even without a subwoofer, primarily because their speakers (drivers dedicated to low frequencies below 1KHz) are perfectly capable of playing pretty decent bass.

The vast majority of desktop Computer speakers are stereo. Some have subwoofers, but you probably won’t have more than two or three satellites. Lively animators, gamers, or moviegoers may want to look for a 5.1-channel (or larger) surround sound system, but the extra cost and inconvenience of placing all of these speakers around the camera is not worth it for most users.

There are also one-piece solutions (a single speaker that also has the subwoofer built into the same audio unit) that provide a lot of power, but do not provide the stereo effect you get from multi-satellite speakers. Even portable Bluetooth speakers can serve as one-piece PC systems if they have a 3.5mm audio input or support a USB connection (if your computer has Bluetooth)

How about shelf-mounted speakers?

I am referring to those types of speakers that you can mount on a shelf of furniture, they are small, and in some cases are not preferred by many. Those types of speakers can be very easy for a certain category of people, but it can be frustrating for hardcore audiophiles.

All speakers need power to operate. Without electricity, the speakers would only act as metal decorative pieces in the room. Many computer speakers, even those wirelessly connected via Bluetooth, will need an active power source. This means that each speaker has built-in amplifiers that will operate on the basis of the power supplied to provide power to the speakers for quality sound. This is very useful because you will not need a separate amplifier. Just connect them to your computer and you’re ready to go.

Choose the best pc speakers with built-in amplifier

It is always good to test if you have the opportunity, to orient yourself according to the sound you hear. It is much better to test the feedback directly on the spot, because no matter how much I write here about the differences between the speakers, I can’t reproduce the audio details. Many can only make a difference if they have a very fine acoustic sensitivity.

Are the best special features for speakers important?

You may not consider the special features when it comes to purchasing the best computer speakers , here are some tips to keep in mind in 2022:

  • Do the speakers have separate bass and treble buttons to set the right sound directly for you?
  • Do the speakers have mute buttons?
  • Is an IR remote control included?

All these tips are beneficial for certain categories of people who are looking for the best pc speakers.

If your PC has a limited number of USB ports, you may need to switch to the 3.5 jack speakers to the detriment of some USB speakers.

But, I must mention that some models of USB speakers may have some extra features and functions that you do not find in those with a jack connector.

If your PC has bluetooth it is possible to stream with portable wireless speakers.

What speakers do I use at the office?

I went for a variant of shelf speakers, Edifier with 2 speakers and built-in amplifier and an IR remote control. They are a bit expensive, I paid around 100$ 2 years ago for black friday , but they have a very clean sound, even at maximum volume. Of course, without a subwoofer, the bass and bass do not live up to the expectations of a 2.1 audio system. But they are great for music and movies. That is if you are not passionate about Hip-Hop, Techno, Heavy Rock, etc. music that is highlighted by a strong bass.

Recommendation of the Best Computer Speakers: TOP 6

High Quality Compact Speakers
Best PickAudioengine A5+ Plus
Check Price
Cheap and Quality Speakers
Budget PickEdifier R1280T
Check Price
Powered Subwoofer
Monoprice 60-Watt
Check Price
A Choice of Logitech
Logitech Z607
Check Price
Bookshelf Speaker
Edifier S350DB
Check Price
Surround Sound Speaker
Staff PickLogitech Z906
Check Price

Audioengine A5+ Plus

Best Pick
Audioengine A5+ Plus Powered Speaker
Source: Amazon


Well finished MDF material

75 In reality

Wireless remote control


A pair of very good quality speakers both in terms of audio and appearance. Being very compact and without a subwoofer, they fit on almost any desk. The audio connection cables between the speakers are long enough to position them in the corners of the camera (3.75m). The audio quality is exceptional. Ideal to be used mainly for multimedia, but I’m not bad about gaming either. They can also replace gaming headphones.

However, I also recommend a high-performance sound card to get the most out of these speakers.

The package also includes 2 connecting cables, RCA or jack with jack plugs. USB cable is not included in the package.

I can only find a negative on the remote control, it has signal problems, and for power consumption, even if the computer is not turned on, the amplifier consumes power (about 4-6w). This inconvenience is with most speakers, it can only be stopped from the ON / OFF switch on the back of the speaker.


  • Superior audio quality
  • Premium building materials
  • Speaker amplification station


  • Power consumption even off

Edifier R1280T

Budget Pick
Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers
Source: Amazon


Putere 24w RMS

Material quality

It has an auxiliary rca

These are a bit cheaper, and the speakers are the same as my model, only they are weaker in power, they will have together 24w real (2x12w).

They have a built-in amplifier, and do not contain the IR remote control. From a sound standpoint, I can assure you it’s very enjoyable. But they also have a rather big inconvenience: The sound adjustment buttons (volume and bass) are placed directly on the back connected to the amplifier, without a treble button.

Another difference is the quality of the materials. Their connection to the desktop PC is made through a 3.5 jack connector with rca-jack cable.


  • Cheap price
  • Very good sound quality
  • They are compact


  • Low RMS power

Monoprice 60-Watt

Monoprice 60-Watt
Source: Amazon


High quality deep bass sound

Accessible wired volume control with headphones and iPod / mp3 jacks

Lateral volume and side adjustment control

Intelligent power management:

enters standby mode when not in use

I was tempted to go to Logitech with bluetooth control, but they have a much cleaner and clearer sound to the detriment of Logitech. At least for this price category.

They are not the best pc speakers on the market, but for this price category, they are definitely some of the best computer speakers .

The best part is that it has a remote control (wired) sound control. The subwoofer delivers high quality low frequency sound with no bangs or other unwanted sounds.


  • High clarity sound
  • Wired remote control
  • Accessible price


  • I think there was room for a wireless remote control

Logitech Z607

Logitech Z607 160W Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Surround Speaker System w Subwoofer
Source: Amazon


FM Radio

Bluetooth connection


Intuitive control


One of the best PC speaker systems in 2022. Pretty strong bass from the 25W subwoofer, but the satellites will do their job decently. A small party can be held by these speakers in an apartment bedroom. The amplifier is of good quality, but at maximum volumes it shows little limits, little distortion will appear from 90% upwards, it also depends on the device connected to the 5.1 speaker system.

I liked that it also has bluetooth, especially now in 2022, when everything has to be interconnected. Speaking of interconnection, the rear satellite cable is 6.2 meters long, long enough to hide the cable next to the floorboards in a small apartment room. And the front satellite cables are 2.2 meters long. Also in terms of interconnection we have the possibility to connect a sd memory card, and for pc / smartphone we have multiple connection possibilities: rca plugs, 3.5 jack, usb, bluetooth.


  • Bluetooth
  • Sound clear
  • Nice bass


  • Nothing

Edifier S350DB

Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer
Source: Amazon


Bluetooth 5.0

Conector optic digital

Titanium dome tweeters



The amount of speakers does not always reflect the sound quality. In this case we have a pc 2.1 speaker system, but I am Edifier, my favorite in terms of sound. I’m aware that there are other better brands, but the prices are too high to recommend.

Unlike my speakers taken many years ago, you have a connection to this system via bluetooth 5.0, compatible with the new smartphones from 2022, but you can also create a cable connection to a TV / PC / Laptop etc.

On paper it should have a real power of 150w and as I know this brand, even at maximum volumes there are no serious sound distortions. If you connect them to multiple devices, you will be able to select the devices on the remote control. You should also receive the optical cable for digital connection in the package.


  • High quality sound
  • Low price compared to the quality offered
  • Qualcomm aptX (bluetooth 5.0)


  • The wires from the satellites could be bigger

Logitech Z906

Staff Pick
Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System
Source: Amazon


Wireless remote control but also wired remote control

Strong bass tube

Very good system for movies / games / tv shows on netflix

Yes, I had to go to a company that has a lot more audio experience than the rest of the manufacturers.

This is a real Home Theater, a very powerful system, but also very generous in terms of the characteristics of the century in which we live (2022).

You can have real parties with this system, I hope you don’t live in a block of flats, as your neighbors will sell their apartments after purchasing this pc 5.1 speaker system.

This model is among the best in the category of computer speakers.

The satellites + subwoofer bass develop a power of 540 W.

But, I do not recommend connecting it directly to the built-in sound card of the PC, I strongly recommend an external sound card of the PC, I have already talked about the sound cards in THIS ARTICLE .


  • Real phenomenal power
  • 2 remote controls
  • HIGH-END sound quality


  • He doesn’t know how to cook

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