Top 4 Best LED Monitors

I’ve been doing a lot of monitorless system configurations lately, now I’m trying to give the best monitor buying advice for this new year, 2022. So I have to write an article on this topic.

The main goal is to recommend a monitor that is acceptable in price and performance for all categories of users, gaming, photo-video editing, multimedia and a cheap model good for all. The article will be about the best monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080p (FHD) at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and for gaming one of 144 Hz.

At a Glance:

Monitor history

I don’t know how many readers have caught the monitors of the past, those huge monitors, called  CRT Monitors.  Most were 14-15 inches diagonally, and those who were 15 inches or 17 inches were lucky to have such a size. They needed a solid wood desk to be able to support such a weight, because they weighed over 10 kilograms.

I still keep a CRT monitor somewhere in the garage because it brings back nostalgic memories. Their radiation was very strong and we had to use all sorts of protective screens that were glued over the screen and tied to the ground by a wire.

However, their refresh rate was better than that of today’s monitors. The power consumption was much higher than today’s monitors compared to their diagonal and the resolutions were much lower. Any monitor purchase advice I would recommend, in reality, depends a lot on the category for which you will use the monitor.

But I have some useful tips and tricks to help you sort and classify led monitors.

Useful tips and hints

What will you use the monitor for? Gaming, professional use, or generally good at all? In gaming, monitors are chosen according to the native refresh rate (to be as high as possible) and response times as short as possible, for professional photo editors, priority monitors are those that have the colors of the images as close to reality (color accuracy ), and those looking for good monitors for anything should generally look at the contrast of the screen and its brightness, especially if it is used for playing multimedia video content.

A higher resolution usually means a clearer image.  The resolution specifies the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. So the FULL HD resolution – has 1920 pixels on a horizontal pixel line and 1080 pixels on the vertical lines, the more pixels, the more detailed the images. So a higher resolution is more appropriate, but I have to mention that the PC system you have must be efficient to display all the information to the monitors, the higher the resolution, the better the video cards must be. .

Other tips:

Size matters too! Pixel density matters a lot, pixel density is measured in ppi (pixel per inch). The more pixels we have in an inch of screen, the better the image will have a better contrast and more detail. So, a monitor with a large diagonal and too low a resolution will have too low a pixel density, which will lead to a massive loss of image quality. I recommend that you do not choose a Full HD monitor if it is over 27 inches. If you want a monitor larger than 27 inches, choose either one with QHD or UHD (4K) resolution.

Refresh rate: higher, better. The refresh rate is not the same as FPS (frames per second). The refresh rate is the unit of measurement for the monitor’s ability to refresh frames from the PC in one second. But, it is complementary to frames per second. FPS is the unit of measurement of the ability of the video card in the system to display frames in one second. They need to be balanced together, in vain you have 144 Hz monitors if the PC system cannot create a number at least equal to 144 fps that can be refreshed by the monitor. Usually the refresh rate matters the most for gamers, for the rest of the users it is not so important. If you’re not a die-hard gamer, a 60Hz monitor is enough.

More tips:

Response time: the smaller, the better. It’s just as important as it is for gamers, especially for advanced gamers who have trained the eye to differentiate between a 10 millisecond response time and a 1 millisecond response time monitor. The rest of the users do not perceive that difference of a few milliseconds. If the response time is too long, the Motion Blur effect appears,  usually the most noticeable is when you use LED TVs as monitors and even on certain displays with a response time of 5ms.

Panel (screen) type: TN, IPS or VA. The TN screen is the best and cheapest monitor on the market, but the image quality is poor if viewed from an angle. So, a TN screen is not recommended for multimedia (movies, photos, etc.), but they have the advantage that they have short response times, so they are more suitable for gamers. IPS screens are faster and have much better color accuracy than VA screens, but VA screens have better contrast and high pixel density.

Curved or normal screen? It is a question with a subjective answer, it depends on everyone’s preferences and what it will be used for, if it is only for gaming, it offers a better immersion in gaming, but if it is also used as multimedia, a curved monitor may be annoying. . Note that the diagonals are also larger, so you will need to switch to QHD or Ultra HD monitors.


It was very difficult to choose one monitor that was very good at all. Each use category has at least one requirement that is different from another use category. For example, for multimedia and video editing, I recommend an ultra-wide format, but it also comes with a tailor-made price.

The budget I was targeting was 700-750 Ron because I promised it would be cheap enough for anyone to afford.

Gaming S2721HGF Curved
Best PickDell 144Hz Gaming Monitor
Check Price
4K UHD Monitor for Gaming
Staff PickBenQ EL2870U 28"
Check Price
Adjustable Monitor FHD
Budget PickDell UltraSharp U2422H
Check Price
UltraSharp Monitor
Dell U2720Q
Check Price

Dell 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Best Pick
Dell 144Hz Gaming Monitor 27 Inch Curved Monitor
Source: Amazon


Anti-glare screen

144 Hz native

Display port

G-Sync compatible

A gaming monitor with a very good quality-price-immersion ratio for 2022.

Another important, but not decisive, detail is that it has G-Sync technology and will run very well on Nvidia video card gaming systems.


There are other cheaper monitors, but not many have the advantages of this Dell. It handles very well in most chapters, except for photo editing. The accuracy of the colors is not the best on this monitor, but it is a decent monitor for the multimedia chapter, the movies look very good, if we disregard that it does not have a “coloristic” of the images that will turn you on your back.

It may not be the best  monitor buying advice on the market, but caught on offer I think it’s in the TOP 3 game monitors.


  • 144 Hz
  • G-Sync
  • Good for anything


  • Low brightness

BenQ EL2870U 28″

Staff Pick
BenQ EL2870U 28 4K UHD Monitor for Gaming
Source: Amazon


Good contrast

Low blue light

Low energy consumption

This monitor has a very good value for money. It has no major defects. It is perfect for all categories of users. But it does not excel in all respects. Benq has tried to make a monitor that reconciles all users. The compromise is that it is not perfect for all areas but it is quite good for each of them.


It’s 28-inch FULL HD,

But it has a high pixel density, so there will be no major image clarity issues.

The price is a bit high, considering the competitors in the market of LED monitors. I recommend it to occasional gamers who also watch a movie from time to time, but also to those who work or have productivity from using it.

It is an all-round monitor and a best buy for 2021-2022.

If I could find such a 4k monitor at 28 ″ I would buy one for myself even if the price was double. I’m waiting for you with questions in the comments section below.

It is good to use as a gaming monitor , it does not impress in any particular chapter, but it is good for everything.


  • Decent contrast
  • Good pixel density
  • Good value for money


  • Slightly poor image accuracy

Dell UltraSharp U2422H

Budget Pick
Dell UltraSharp 23.8 Inch Adjustable Monitor FHD
Source: Amazon


ComfortView Plus

Dell Easy Arrange

Flicker Free

I think it’s the best fairly cheap monitor solution for photo editing or productivity in some niches.

It is not a professional monitor, let me be clear from the beginning.

The accuracy of the colors is surprisingly high, especially for those who use Adobe RGB. In addition to being the ideal monitor for photo editors, I can say that it is suitable for any office where productivity is needed. Multimedia content can be played at its best. So, we can say that it also has versatility in these 2 chapters: multimedia + photo editing.

It also has USB Type C ports for fast data transfer.


  • Good for multimedia too
  • Quality ratio
  • Cheap


  • Only 24 inches

Dell U2720Q

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27 Inch 4K UHD
Source: Amazon


USB-C connectivity

95% DCI-P3

Contrast 1300: 1

3H Hard Coating

A monitor purchase tip specially designed for video and photo editing. Being 4k, you can make video content at UHD resolutions.

4K is starting to become the standard of 2022. This dell is similar to the one previously recommended for photo editing, but has a larger diagonal and 4k resolution.

The settings are quite accurate from the factory as well as the previous model mentioned above, but there is room for improvement if such an adjustment is a priority for you.

It is one of the best monitors to handle both types of tasks. The sRGB colors have a very good accuracy, and that can only make video and photo editing enjoyable. The colors are above what you see on a dozen cheap monitors.


I say it’s not the strong point of this monitor, but I can’t downplay it either – it was better than I say.

There is also an inconsistency of the black display, and together with the backlight bleeding it makes it a bit “cheap” and puts it in the same positions with a “dozen” monitor. Be that as it may, I don’t know how many are watching the backlight bleeding while doing photo / video editing.

The brightness is decent even in HDR mode, and the viewing angles are more than good, even at very high angles the colors do not lose their accuracy and colors.

It has almost no color bleeding!

And another small minus, but not related to the use, is that the display is less reflective and if it is a light source in the room will be quite annoying when it reflects from the monitor.


  • High brightness
  • Very good color accuracy
  • Large viewing angles


  • Price a bit high

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