What to Consider before Buying Computer RAM! Best Sellers – TIPS 2022

Whether you want to change the platform, because you need more RAM or more performance, if you want to buy new RAM for your computer, you will definitely have doubts about which model is best for you. We won’t discuss which brand, model, or speed is best, but we’ll give you some tips to make sure you’re successful when buying new RAM for your computer. There are many, many manufacturers in the RAM market – though fewer than in other types of devices – and there are literally hundreds of options available in terms of models, speed and capacity. Sometimes it is difficult to know which model is best for you, so we will continue to evaluate certain aspects so that you can get it right and buy the one that best suits your needs. Ready? Let’s go there.

What to consider before buying RAM

What to Consider before Buying Computer RAM
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What RAM capacity to buy?

The first thing to consider is, of course, capacity. You’ve probably already decided that you want to buy a new RAM to expand your computer’s capacity, but do you really need that capacity?

The amount of RAM

Today’s “standard” is 8 GB of RAM in almost all computers, regardless of their purpose. Already for mid-range and high-end gaming computers, 16 GB is the most reasonable capacity, especially due to the technical requirements of the latest triple-A games, which require more and more RAM, and it is not uncommon to see that in the recommended requirements it estimates 16 GB. The jump to 32 GB or more of RAM would be for high-performance PCs, either enthusiastic gaming PCs, or computers that are intended to perform very heavy tasks with virtual machines, audio / video editing and finally, more professional-oriented equipment.

Speed, latency and performance

Of course, RAM speed and latency are closely related to performance and performance, so you will normally want to go for the highest possible speed. However, you have to take into account several factors, and that is that the higher the speed of its factory, the higher its price, and for many manufacturers, an increase of 200 MHz increases the final price of the device with more many integers.

The recommendation here is to always check your motherboards compatibility and never buy more speed than it natively supports or you may have incompatibility and / or stability issues. To do this, go to the manufacturer’s website and, instead of consulting the technical specifications of the board, see the QVL list of RAM, because there you can see brands and models that are already tested and guarantee compatibility. However, if you have a modern computer that uses DDR4 RAM, the speed with the highest compatibility between motherboard manufacturers has been set to 3,200 MHz , and in fact, these are usually a speed that is quite reasonably priced and marks the limit from which the price rises. If you don’t want to reduce the performance of your device to the limit, in terms of actual usage you won’t notice almost any difference between 3,200 MHz RAM and others at 3,600 MHz, to give an example.

How important is radiative? And the PCB?

Most DDR4 RAM for PCs have factory-installed aluminum heaters, although we already tell you that in many cases they are for aesthetics only, rather than keeping RAM at a good temperature. In high-performance RAM, they are needed to avoid overheating, but in low-speed models they are simply put to maintain aesthetics.

Necessary or not, the recommendation we give you is to look at the height of the radiator , because if it is too big, it could cause compatibility problems with the processor radiator, depending on the model you have and the arrangement of the RAM and Processor sockets base plate. This way you will avoid disappointments, because you will not be the first to buy a new RAM after realizing that you cannot install it because the radiators are too big and physically hit the processor radiator. On the other hand, many manufacturers boast that their RAM modules have 10-layer PCBs, which are very stable, and so on a high speed XMP profile. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, motherboards “get along” with memory modules up to 3,200 MHz without too many problems, but above this speed stability is usually a critical point.

Before purchasing new RAM, check the warranty

I have already said that there are quite a few RAM manufacturers, and most of them are manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty. RAM is not one of the most failed hardware components, and the proof of this is that there are many manufacturers that offer this warranty. The recommendation is to take advantage of this and since you are buying a new RAM, do it from one of the many manufacturers that offer this warranty (because there are also two standard years that are offered and then hand wash).


What to Consider before Buying Computer RAM
Source: Amazon

Excellent price comparison for DDR4 RAM! Find the cheapest DDR4 RAM at idealo.de! The main memory is the short-term memory of a computer: It stores all the active programs and the necessary data. Therefore, it is an important component of the PC and has a great impact on the performance of the computer. In this guide, you will find answers to important questions before you buy RAM. You can find the cheapest prices at perfecttechnews.

How much RAM is useful?

An old computerized wisdom says: the more RAM, the better. This is not wrong. However, this sentence does not answer the question of how much RAM makes sense to whom. For current desktop and multimedia PCs, it should not be less than 8 gigabytes (GB), for PC players of at least 16 GB. With enough RAM, you won’t have problems even if you work with several memory-related programs at the same time. If your computer is visibly overwhelmed, increasing RAM can be a cheap fix. The good news: Even non-experts can increase their RAM capacity at any time. The motherboard and operating system have set limits for increasing the RAM size. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit), for example, supports up to 512 GB. However, most motherboards support up to 64 GB.

Interesting facts about manufacturers, watches and latency

DDR4 RAM is the current standard. Major manufacturers include Crucial, Corsair and GSkill. Make no mistake when purchasing RAM bars from these vendors. Accepted clock frequency is especially important when choosing. You can find information about this in the product description of your motherboard. Caution: RAM clocks with a higher clock are either closed automatically from the board or are not recognized. The most common type of memory is currently DDR4-2400 (CL16) Input 2400 refers to the clock, the value according to CL at latency (CAS latency). The smaller the number, the shorter the access time, which has a positive effect on performance. However, this value is only interesting for enthusiasts. For most users, it doesn’t matter if CL15 or CL17 exists.

What are the advantages of the two-channel function?

Almost all motherboards have a so-called dual channel function. If two RAM bars are inserted into the corresponding slots on the motherboard, each receives its own line dedicated to the processor. The parallel connection of the RAM bars significantly increases the performance of the PC, because several data are transferred at the same time. For a smooth interaction, both modules must be as identical as possible. For this reason, special two-channel sets are offered. Depending on your budget, you should choose a kit consisting of two 8 GB bars or two 16 GB bars.

Some RAM modules may not be recognized. Before you buy, it’s a good idea to check your motherboard manufacturer’s website to see if that RAM latch is compatible with your motherboard. The manufacturer has a compatibility list for most motherboards Contains all RAM modules that have already been tested. Experienced gamers and over lockers can manually adjust the clock rate, latency and memory voltage on high-quality motherboards.

What role does RAM play in a computer?

The main memory or RAM is a basic component: it is the direct contact of the processor and is responsible for ensuring that all data is made available as soon as possible. The influence of working memory on speed is less than on other components. However, a faster memory application is seen in special applications. This applies, for example, to 3D rendering and the programs you use for data compression or encryption. Basically, RAM speed is less important than capacity.

For gamers, the speed of RAM is more important, so the correct interaction of the components is important: If you use a fast processor, an SSD hard drive and a powerful graphics card, you will benefit more from a fast RAM memory than from someone with a mid-range computer. Excellent price comparison for DDR4 RAM! Find the cheapest DDR4 RAM at PerfectTechNews!

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