What is a Motherboard? How to choose the best Motherboard! – Buying Guide

The motherboard is a component of the computer system that provides instructions for it to run, and its functionality, including power, memory, processing power. It’s also one of the primary components that control how the system works.

Motherboards are usually very high-end, but most modern day computers come with one or two basic ones available as standard, which may not be the best option for any casual user. With this article I would like to show you what one should look for when buying one. Keep in mind this does not provide information for a list but instead a guide on exactly what you need to avoid buying if you want really good performance. Let’s dive in!

A Motherboard is something that defines the complete computer experience. All computer hardware that runs your game engine, video games, streaming apps, or e-sports comes from somewhere in the world. Even Apple, who makes most of their operating systems and services, comes from various countries across the globe. We all know that Microsoft and other big corporations like Facebook and Google run their own software platforms. Their software and programming languages must be compatible with computers made by some company, like Sony, Honda, Intel, Dell, Lenovo, etc. If you have a gaming console and/or streaming service and they haven’t been supported by the companies producing them then there are always people out here trying to sell a bad board in the internet. So when choosing your motherboard keep in mind that the processor that carries out these tasks and features will also define whether you get amazing performance or not. In short, it’s the only factor.

There are a lot of different kinds of boards that you can find in the market. Before we move on let’s take a quick look over at the main types and let us see which components will set you up in this case. There are eight types of board, each of which is based on the type of processor.

Intel Core i3

This is used for multiple purposes – from games and streaming content to everyday tasks like web browsing and word processing applications. Its battery life will last longer than older processors but it requires more energy. It offers excellent performance and also has fast performance. For a daily basis use it can carry out complex processes and many other tasks.

Intel Core i5

You can have both CPU and GPU powered laptops. They are capable of carrying out heavy work like editing photos and videos as well as gaming. When it has access to the GPU it offers powerful graphics (3D) and high levels of energy efficiency to carry out complex operations without using lots of batteries or electricity. The CPU version is quite popular for online gaming like World of Tanks, MOBA titles, and so on. It is easy to install and is highly usable by most users from both genders. Users can choose between CPUs based on whether they are gamers or not.

Intel Core i7

 One variant of this model of the core is called the “Xe-gene-5″ (Xe5). It was the first mobile platform built using the latest Intel Core v9 series chipsets. Xe5 will be released soon in several markets. Although it has higher computational power than the Core i5 and i7 versions, it still has slower performance when compared to older models. But it offers improved endurance. Additionally, you will find a better support team among customer service engineers.

Intel Tiger Lake

 To date, Intel has had six variants under Tiger Lake, of which three are Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. These include the old Tiger Lake, new Tiger Lake, and Tiger Lake Lite variants. All of those models offer almost identical performance and clock speeds to the original models except for Core i7. At present, Tiger Lake is considered to be the highest performing desktop platform on Intel technology, and it offers greater power efficiency as well as less heat. As mentioned above, the processor has a much faster speed for complex processing tasks. However, it still takes several hours less time to finish and load pictures as compared to previous Core i3 or Core i7 versions.

Apple M1+

 Like the name suggests, you can have either an Intel Core i3 or Core i5 with Apple Silicon. Nowadays most customers in the gaming industry choose Apple’s products based on the fact that the latest iPhones and iPads support their products. It is true, because the iPhone 11 series has access to 6x the computing power of the same number of cores on Apple Silicon while the iPad Air 5 has 5x as many cores that the former Apple tablet. Both of these devices offer superior performance, more power efficiency, and lower heat output than Apple’s flagship laptop.

Apple Mac Pro Series (M) or MacBook Pro Series (2021)

 In recent years, Apple has offered a wide range of personal computers to its global community. Among the top models of the MacBook Pro series are a regular MacBook Pro, an external monitor, and a keyboard with TouchID support. All of these were built with Apple’s modular approach where they can be installed separately on PCs that have AMD processors. Based on the latest standards it uses both Intel Core i3 and Core i7 processors.

MacBook Pro Series
Source: Amazon

Sony PlayStation 4 Series S or PS4 Series X

PS4 Series S, as our friends call it, is the second generation of the Playstation brand of consoles. According to analysts, they are using 4K resolution displays and 60FPS frame rates. PS4 Series X, on the other hand, uses 120FPS resolution display and 30FPS refresh rate. Each generation of the two models represents an improvement in computing resources, making it even easier for the player to enjoy games and stream content.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home is also another option for the consumer. It offers an impressive combination of graphical, multimedia elements and functional capabilities of the modern PC. Besides this system, it is also important to consider a third-party gaming utility application (GTA) or just having a single-core version of it. Now let’ take a quick look at what exactly those 8 types of boards do. Below I will list a brief list of some of the key differences between them:

Sony PlayStation 4


 Every new chip and processor has a specific amount of cores. Some of them are smaller than others. Knowing the exact amount of cores is important as it directly influences the overall efficiency of the machine. Also, when taking into consideration that a processor is likely to take days, weeks, or months to fully optimize and reach peak performance, knowing how many cores it supports will dictate the ultimate speed that it can achieve. This is why the number of cores is listed as the number of clusters of cores from one board. Therefore, the number of cores you will get depending on how much space you have on the board will be different whether it’s due to the physical layout or configuration (CPU-GPU ratio) of the processor itself.


Usually, we don’t think about ports when selecting a motherboard. However, there are plenty of factors that go into this key feature of every machine. In general terms we think about ports when we talk about internal machines like GPUs and accelerators. On the other hand, ports refer to everything that goes through your Internet connection. Well, ports are basically everything you need to connect between your computer and Internet. Ports make communication between devices much more efficient and less time consuming. An average port is a USB 3.0 port, Ethernet port, HDMI 2.0 port, dual headphone jacks, audio aux on/off, and Bluetooth4 with AAC device. And what ports does it not have? Audio on/off feature, a USB speaker, USB Type-C device, and RJ45 Ethernet. Basically, it makes sure your data is safe regardless if it comes from any device or not.


While some things are obvious, the size of every board can be another story altogether. Different manufacturers and models have different specs that directly affect the price you pay for it. However, I believe that the bigger a system is, the larger amount of memory is needed to store different parts of it. This is where the issue of storage will arise. Generally speaking, we should aim for a chassis with large amounts of storage. Another aspect to look for is that the number of PCIe lanes, or lanes that allows the transfer of data at the maximum rate. This is particularly important when you are looking for cards based on Nvidia’s G2 series. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to fit large chunks of data between your hard drive and the card. Most systems are in a hybrid state without PCIe lanes since sometimes you don’t need them at all. Sometimes you will encounter this situation when it is not possible to get the fastest transmission speed that your hardware and bandwidths allow (it happened to me once before, and I had to re-use my SSD that had 256MB of capacity).

Buying Guide, How to choose the best motherboard?

To choose the best motherboard you will have to take into consideration several parameters, so that you can buy the model that best suits your needs and that above all can be used without particular problems.

One of the main evaluations must be made on compatibility: you have to choose the one that fits all the other components present in the PC.

In this regard you will have to take into consideration the processor you want to mount and find out which model is able to work perfectly in relation to the latter.

Bios updates must also be examined and it must be found out if each procedure is compatible with the current version, as changes may be required that could adversely affect the entire system.

Obviously it goes without saying that you should not choose motherboards of lower quality, even if on the market there are valid alternatives offered at very low prices.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a gaming motherboard capable of giving efficient and long-lasting performance, it is better to spend a little more that allows you to benefit from better opportunities and high-level performance.

Finally, do not neglect the format of the motherboard, since even if currently the differences are increasingly irrelevant, there is a wide choice that can vary according to the intended use that you decide to make of the product.

However, we advise you to better evaluate your personal needs and carry out an adequate analysis before investing your money on this purchase, so that the possibility of error will be very low.

Conclusion and Tips

The fastest way to get performance is to have one that is capable of running the entire gamut of complex tasks. Especially when it comes to working with complex games and streaming apps like YouTube. You will not need to spend a lot of money before you feel amazing results and they come in no particular order.

You can also use a decent GPU and some extra processor power to get great performance. Of course it has taken months and years of extensive research and development to reach such high levels of efficiency. Still, the power and the performance are significantly ahead of anything you have ever experienced and that’s why its prices are extremely low. You can now use the newest cutting edge tech without spending thousands of dollars.

You can now use complex games with high fidelity graphics and realistic streaming scenes. In addition to the above, you can have all these options at the same price can buy at Amazon.

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