How to Buy Memories (RAMs) is based on Compatibility Criteria

A very important topic when it comes to a configuration, RAM memory cards are chosen according to several compatibility criteria.

In this article I will only talk about desktop PC memories (gaming or office), I will exclude RAM memories for laptops and those for servers.

How many ram memory cards do I need?

I share this segment related to the required amount of ram memories depending on the main categories of system usage.

For video / photo editing: for 2022, 32GB RAM should be enough even for editing at 4k resolutions. If you use Adobe After Effects and the projects have a lot of effects, then a 64 GB Ram would be recommended.

For gaming / multitasking: now, in 2022, the standard is 16 GB, if the budget does not allow, you can opt for an 8gb card and a subsequent upgrade of another 8GB RAM

For Office / multimedia: 8GB of RAM are enough, it would be advisable to switch directly to 16GB of RAM.

RAM compatibility, issues you need to know about

Not all RAMs are compatible with any PC system. Here are the main features to pay attention to before buying RAM compatible with other components:

  • RAM generation (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 etc)
  • Motherboard slots
  • Processor cooler distance (if the processor is aftermarket)
  • Plate format

RAM card generation

It is the first important criterion when choosing memories, we have older generations of DDR2 memories that are not compatible with DDR3 or DDR4, nor vice versa there are no compatibilities.

RAM motherboard slots

Keep in mind how many slots the motherboard has for connecting RAM cards, it is recommended that you have 2 free slots left for possible system upgrades in the future.

Processor cooler distance

Some memory cards have high radiators, so if you have an aftermarket processor cooler, make sure that the distance from the cooler that passes over the RAM slots is large enough to fit the ram memories with the radiator. If you don’t want to worry, choose to buy low profile rams.

RAM format

There are two formats produced by ram plates:

RAM DIMMs (Used for desktops and servers)

SO-DIMM RAM (Used on laptops / tablets etc)

They are not compatible with each other, the SO-DIMM RAM for laptops and tablets is NOT compatible with the standard DIMM RAM used in desktop systems.

RAM speed

Two features are important for the brave part of RAM:

  1. Frequency
  2. Latency

RAM Frequency: This is somewhat similar to the CPU frequency. The higher the frequency, the more data will be processed. For gaming it is enough to have the frequency of 2133 MHz, for video-editing a small boost will be for the boards with higher frequencies.

High frequencies also help a lot in those who overclock, but this topic should be addressed in a separate article.

Latency: it   is similar to the response time to peripherals, except that in this case it is the access times of a process in the software, the lower the latency, the faster the rams are able to execute the next processes. My recommendation is to focus on latencies 13, 14 maximum 15 for high-end systems. They are marked with CL13, CL14, CL15 etc.

Many do not pay attention to choosing the latency of ram memories, for me this detail is much more important than the frequency of memories. Top performing systems have to pay that high price for low latency RAM. All the communication of the components in a system is used by the ram memories, the shorter the access time (latency), the faster the instructions taken by the processor will be accessed.

What RAM should I buy to upgrade in 2022?

For the most part, if you want to upgrade your system with rams in the future, each one will be paired, take the serial number of the old inserts and try to find exactly the model you have in the system so that there is no chance of incompatibilities between them.


Memory RAM HyperX Fury Black 8GB, DDR4, 2400MHz, CL15, 1.2V

This plate has a manufacturer code: HX424C15FB3 / 8


If you look at the RAM boards on every e-commerce site, you are required to specify that manufacturer’s code, it is essential especially if you want to install dual-channel, quad-channel, etc. boards.

Of course, theoretically it should work with other models, but there are also cases when conflicts arise.

It is important to check the motherboard manufacturers’ websites to see if the ram boards have those manufacturer codes listed in the motherboard bios software and compatibility with the system processors.

I still don’t know which RAM cards to choose!

Leave a comment in the comments section below if you need a guide or advice and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. My recommendation is to be very careful when choosing RAM cards.

16GB RAM for gaming

Kingston FURY Beast RGB 16GB
Source: Amazon

Recommended RAM for PC gaming 2021

RAM memory recommendations


Dual Channel

Low voltage 1.2V

These boards are a bit pricey due to the current semiconductor crisis, especially because they have relatively low latency memories. They are ideal for high-performance gaming systems. And most motherboard bios have listed these RAM cards, so there’s almost no chance of incompatibility.

Some of the best dual channel RAM for gaming in 2021.


Are dual channel

Mostly listed on motherboard bios

High reliability

Large warranty (99 months)


Ram memories price a bit high

2 × 16 GB RAM

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB
Source: Amazon

Recommended RAM for video editing

Memory ram video editing 2021



Quad channel


2400 MHz frequency

This quad channel kit should be enough for a pc video editing, it is recommended to have a motherboard with 8 ram memory slots, for a future upgrade to 64GB.

They have a latency of 14, and low voltages to avoid very high heat, in addition, they are low profile, so most processor cooler systems can be installed. Ideally, they would have 13 latency RAM cards, but the prices go up a lot. It also depends on everyone’s budget.

Some of the best value for money RAM for a 2021 video editing system.


Designed for high performance overclocking

Vengeance LPX memories are designed for high performance overclocking. The radiator is made of pure aluminum for faster heat dissipation, and the 8-layer PCB helps with heat management and provides a superior passageway for overclocking.

DDR4 is optimized for the latest motherboard models, offering higher frequencies, higher bandwidth and lower power consumption than DDR3 modules. Vengeance LPX DDR4 are tested for compatibility with the latest motherboard models for performance and reliability. There is XMP 2.0 support for automatic and worry-free overclocking.

The modules are available in multiple color options to suit your motherboard, components or your own style.


Latency of 14

Ideal for video editing

Large warranty (240 months)

Low voltages of 1.2V



Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB
Source: Amazon

Memories for office systems

Quick ram memory recommendation


Timing 13-15-15-28

Low profile

Intel XMP 2.0 Ready

There are still 13 DDR4 ram memories with latencies of 13, without a doubt I recommend them for those systems from companies that need multitasking and want their applications / software to open as soon as possible.

They have a low profile and voltages of 1.2V, which makes them ideal for super-quiet systems, without the need for high ventilation in the housings, because the plates do not heat up too much.

Some of the best ram memories you can choose for such desktops. It also handles gaming systems very well, but for 2021, the recommended frequencies are over 3000Mhz on the gaming side.



13CL (very low latencies)

Low profile (allows the installation of any processor cooler system)

Ideal for fast multi-tasking systems


Would have gone at least 2666Mhz clocked

RAM History

They first appeared commercially in 1965, released by IBM.

They are volatile memories based on the architecture of semiconductors.

At first there were 2 types of RAM:



SRAM – static random-access memory and DRAM – dynamic random-access memory.

What is RAM used for?

In addition to the temporary storage of space used by the operating system, RAM is also used in other circumstances.

Virtual memory

Almost all operating systems have this feature to use the ability of rams to “borrow” ram from the system’s storage (for example: hdds or ssds, newer in 2020).


If the system has a 4GB ram memory card, and you set 2GB page files, then the system will have 6GB of RAM, and the 2GB of temporary memory is borrowed from the storage drive’s memory (HDD or SSD). But, we must say that the access speeds and frequency will be much lower than an individual RAM board.


You can also create ultra-fast storage space by borrowing RAM capacity.

But the downside is that the memory space used will be automatically deleted when the system (computer) is turned off. So, this feature is a little useless, but useful for times when you need to have a high read / write speed.

Shadow RAM

It can be used by certain ROM microchips to increase access speeds. For example, the microchip for booting the bios to a computer.

Instead of executing the data written on the chip from the ROM, they are executed with the help of RAM memories, which will have substantially higher access speeds.

They are usually used in UEFI bios of newer generations, you have the option in the BIOS to load the bootloader of an operating system very quickly.

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