How much does a PC Setup Cost – Buying Guide

Whether to enjoy the main titles on the market with the best possible quality, or to extract the most from the machine for online games, building a PC gamer is something that at least has crossed the mind of any fan of electronic games . The problem is that a lot of people don’t even know where to start.

What are the most important components? Where can I save? Where am I definitely not supposed to save? These are some of the questions that go through the mind of anyone who decides to build a PC gamer on their own, instead of buying one ready-made. As much as the models of manufacturers are quite chunky, sometimes the gamer wants something more and will only get that by choosing alone which are the parts of the computer.

In this special article, Perfect Tech has separated what are the main factors to be considered when building a PC for games, and we also show you how to use a website that helps a lot to decide which components will go into your computer. Check it out below to How much does a PC Setup Cost.

Is it easy to assemble PC Gamer?

A computer with the power to run games in the best possible way is not exactly simple to do. There are many things to consider: what are the best components to choose from among the many offerings of graphics cards, processors, storage disks and more, as well as compatibility between the components.

Your budget may also be limited, causing you to choose between one high-end component or another while other parts end up not being the best possible.

Fortunately there are services on the internet that make this search much easier. One of these tools is the Amazon website, which displays parts options for users to go, little by little, selecting what to put while assembling a PC gamer.

How much does a PC Setup Cost for Gaming?

If you’re interested in a gaming computer, you need to be prepared to spend a lot on it right away: the components aren’t exactly cheap, especially at times when the dollar is high – as it happens at the start of 2022.

The price can easily exceed the amount charged for a next-generation console as PS5 and Xbox X Series. Although it’s important to point out that a PC gamer can sometimes do things that even the best consoles can’t do.

Remember that you can choose cheaper parts at an early stage and then replace them with bulkier models. You don’t need to build your PC Gamer with 32 GB of RAM already, for example: you can start with 16 GB and then buy another 16 GB. Or replace an HD, or video card.

This flexibility provided by the ease of replacing components is one of the points that make building a PC gamer by yourself very advantageous for many people.

Parts to assemble PC Gamer: How important is each part?


AMD Ryzen 7
Source: Amazon

Want the best performance possible during your games? So a quality processor is essential for your gamer PC. There are different makes and models of this type of component. The most common processors are from the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen line, with some differences between them that please certain types of gamers.

At Intel, the entry-level model for the family is the Core i3. At AMD, the entry-level chip is Ryzen 3; both have four cores.

For those who need a little more performance – or even those who want a computer that lasts longer – the level above is Intel’s Core i5; and Ryzen 5 from AMD. They are the most popular and, in addition to performance, they bring new embedded technologies, such as battery saving, among others.

Lastly, the high-performance, top-of-the-line processors from the brands; be it the i7 or i9 from Intel or the Ryzen 7 from AMD. These, of course, are suitable for all types of use; on the other hand, the price can be quite hefty.

Despite the importance of the processor, it is worth remembering that the video card model can have a much greater influence on image quality. So, if your goal is to get the most out of the graphics point of view, the graphics card will be a more important component than the processor.


ASUS ROG Strix B450
Source: Amazon

One of the most important components in computers, the motherboard is where all the other parts fit. This creates an extra difficulty when choosing one: you want the processor, graphics card, RAM memory and everything else to be compatible with the motherboard, otherwise your PC will not work.

Thus, it is necessary to check if the model you have chosen for your computer has compatibility with each of the selected components.

Video card

ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Source: Amazon

Although some CPUs have an integrated graphics card, they are rarely able to run current games well. Therefore, it is essential that your PC gamer has a dedicated graphics card, especially for those who want the best possible quality of gaming graphics.

Nvidia and AMD are the most sought after brands of GPUs, and both offer a range of models starting at the lowest prices to high end options, which can be quite expensive.

RAM memory

Crucial RAM 16GB DDR4
Source: Amazon

The RAM is an important item in determining machine performance. Setting the amount of RAM depends on the games you intend to run. To ensure that even major releases can be played smoothly, it’s critical to have plenty of RAM on your gaming computer. The minimum is 8GB of RAM, but if your budget allows it, 16GB of RAM or more is ideal.

A tip is to buy pairs of RAM memory modules: instead of a 16GB piece, prefer two 8GB or four 4GB, for example. By using two identical memory sticks, the system can operate in dual-channel (or quad-channel) ensuring more performance for your games. You also need to look at the RAM frequency – this factor can determine whether or not the component is compatible with the machine you plan to build.


samsung 970 evo plus ssd
Source: Amazon

Hard disk or solid disk; HD or SSD? Most machines (desktops and notebooks) still come with conventional HD. Among its main advantages are the lower price and high storage capacity.

On the other hand, anyone who has tried a computer with an SSD knows the difference in speed. The SSD is very fast, almost instantaneous. However, these disks are still more expensive, even with lesser storage capacity.

A good option is to look for hybrid systems; those with more storage using a traditional hard drive and a smaller SSD to put some more accessed files and the operating system itself.

Most SSDs sold have between 128 and 256 giga of space. Although there are already options with a few terabytes, the price is practically unaffordable for many people.

Remember that games take up more and more space on the hard drive, including for frequent updates whether to fix errors and bugs, or to add more content to the game. Thus, the hybrid model, with the SSD for the operating system and the games on an HDD turns out to be a very common combination for PC gamers.


One more key component that might not be one of the first ones to think about when deciding to build a gamer PC: the power source, well, it supplies power to your machine, so it’s important to choose a quality part that’s able to handle the demand required by your computer.

If there is an item to save on PC gamer assembly, that item is definitely not in the source. It is essential to have a quality component, as inappropriate sources can cause overloads and completely ruin other components of your computer.


Once you’ve decided which components will be part of your gamer PC, it’s time to go after accessories. After all, there’s little point in having the best machine in the world to run games if you can’t control the games properly.

Items like keyboard, mouse and even a mousepad can make a huge difference when playing. Not to mention a conventional controller, depending on the games you want to run – let’s agree that while first person shooter and strategy games run much better with keyboard and mouse, some adventure titles can do better with analogue and triggers of controls like Sony’s DualSense.

What is the best site to build PC gamer?

There are different sites able to help users choose and even purchase components for the PC gamer. For this article, Perfect Tech chose Pc Mag, one of the most popular in the segment. Check below all the necessary steps to check How much does a PC Setup Cost.

Build PC gamer or buy ready: which is the best option?

Building a PC gamer requires a lot of research: Checking if the components actually work as expected, waiting for prices to rise and fall for certain parts, among other things.

Choosing between different types of processors and video cards can be quite cumbersome, especially for people without a lot of technical knowledge to understand what the differences between the components are.

Therefore, assembling PC gamer is more suitable for those who have the time and willingness to go after all this information, as well as some knowledge on the subject.

Buying a ready-made PC gamer, on the other hand, brings an immense facility that is not having to choose each of the components. However, depending on the type of use you intend to make of the machine, the ready-made models may not offer everything the user wants.

Your budget can also greatly influence the decision. If you have the money to buy a machine right away, going after one of the many PC gamers sold ready-made might be the best option – after all, the effort is less and you can start playing sooner.

On the other hand, if you are slowly collecting money to buy the machine, the idea of ​​assembling from scratch can be attractive, as it would allow you to purchase components individually in specific promotions, for example, or when you have the money to do so.

Finally, the task of assembling the PC – that is, fitting each of the pieces on the motherboard and case – is not the simplest and users with less knowledge can have difficulties. In that case, it would be better to find someone with technical knowledge to actually build the PC from the purchased parts.


Ready! With these tips separated by Perfect Tech, you can start planning better the assembly of your PC gamer, as well as knowing how to use the Amazon site to select its components.

Now is starting to think about how to pay for everything to be able to have a fantastic machine to run the best games today with the best quality possible.

Want an example to better understand how a PC gamer setup can keep you from playing? See our article on the minimum requirements to play Genshin Impact. We try our best to give the best info all about that How much does a PC Setup Cost. If you have any question you can comment below we will try to answer any question here.

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