What is a Graphics Card? GPU Buying Guide 2022

A Graphics Card is a technology for creating an impressive display environment that displays beautiful and astonishing content. These are the most important components of any PC or console game console including gaming consoles, streaming services such as Netflix and even home theatres. There are several types of graphics cards such as CPU cards, GPU cards, DPUs etc. The first and foremost type to be mentioned is the CPU card which contains the central processing unit (CPU) that performs all tasks. It controls each and every component of your application which has to do with the performance of your games or applications. This type of graphics card also provides you with essential functions such as audio processing, rendering graphical images, video encoding and playing online games. Also, these kinds of cards can perform several different operations while they function on their own. For example, if we talk about drawing 3D models, we will need a GPU card, otherwise we would see it on the website. In addition, our gaming consoles also have this kind of card. If I say that I want to play 3-D chess games, a GPU card will enable me to use 2D visuals in my games. Therefore, these two types of graphics cards give your applications and games more realistic feel.

What is Graphics Card? GPU Buying Guide 2022
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GPU Card

GPU card or Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) card is used for performing various complex computer graphics such as three-dimensional object modeling and ray tracing. They are equipped with powerful cores dedicated to graphics rendering, AI, and advanced machine learning. You can use them for rendering large sets of data. They provide the power of high-end compute power (and thus much faster than CPUs), advanced neural networks, and powerful GPU acceleration, allowing you to render at up to 4K resolution (3040×1200). They also support the creation of a wide range of complicated, non-realistic images which require high computational requirements. Among other things, GPUs can run several operations at once and handle multiple threads. Although CPUs can only be used to calculate one equation per second, GPUs can process thousands of equations simultaneously. Generally speaking, a graphics card is considered as the best solution for demanding real-time graphics rendering tasks such as video editing, 3D model generation, and simulation. All of these tasks require substantial computing power and power is not limitless, so GPUs are highly recommended. Besides these, there are GPU-based streaming platforms like Amazon’s Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV+, Netflix’s Peacock, and Disney+ which allow to stream your favorite movies, shows and series from around the world. Due to its high performance, a GPU card is also helpful when working with a variety of apps and the list includes many free-to-air radio stations as well as online media providers. With the help of GPUs, you can use your desktop and laptop computers for running heavy calculations and creating simulations, visualizations, and even generating 3D models. Another advantage of using a specific type of graphics card is that they can work together with certain applications, which can benefit from a higher level of memory or storage space. Moreover, since the GPU-based gaming consoles are available at extremely low prices, they usually provide outstanding solutions at affordable prices. On top of that, you can find plenty of companies offering specialized development kits customized specifically for you with a focus on mobile development.


A digital signal processor (DSP) is a discrete element (CE) that is designed to carry out specific computation tasks, such as image recognition and speech recognition. Unlike CPUs, which are general computing devices, DSPs are capable of handling specific problems and operating in discrete fashion. One might think that all DSPs could be used by gamers, but actually all DSPs are highly beneficial due to their ability to achieve extremely fast calculations. As far as this goes, one should mention Nvidia’s TensorFlow platform which allows users to design complex algorithms through easy programming and deployment. However, it should be mentioned that there are plenty of other technologies besides DSPs for gaming application development. Thus, let us not forget OpenCL and Spark. Both of them support both TensorFlow and OpenCL, which makes it easier for developers to get involved in developing 3D-rendered algorithms and games. Other types of games development as well support DSPs, such as the Unreal Engine and Unity, which allows us to create interactive user interfaces (UIs) by using just one framework. Although these platforms offer certain advantages and possibilities, they still lack numerous capabilities required in the field of gaming and entertainment development, which is why DSPs are not always recommended for users. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that DSPs are widely used and that their popularity skyrocketed after the advent of new technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Therefore, it seems almost inevitable that there will also be a future where millions of people use GPU-based games.

digital signal processor

Graphic Card Buying Guide

Graphics cards are among the hardware elements that allow the most to improve the performance of a PC. Few other components are subject to such rapid development. To fully enjoy the graphics of a PC, the graphics card is particularly important and, since pixel accelerators are available in the form of practical cards that can be inserted and integrated into a common PC with a few operations, there is nothing that you prevent such an upgrade.

How do I find the right graphics card?

Graphics card manufacturers are different, such as AMD, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, NVIDIA, PHY Technologies or Sapphire. Their products are mainly based on graphics chips from AMD and NVIDIA companies. Both manufacturers have in their range of models that fall into multiple power classes that are comparable to each other. You can therefore choose between different variants depending on your performance needs. Incidentally, the choice between an AMD or NVIDIA card is not an emotional matter.

In the myriad of graphics cards it is not easy to get an overall idea. We have therefore sorted the models in the shop according to their main purpose of use. In the left column, under Product type, you can select the purpose for which you would like to mainly use your new graphics card, eg. for gaming, multimedia or high-end applications. Generally, the principle applies with graphics cards that the more expensive models are more equipped than the cheap variants. For AMD and NVIDIA you can recognize the power class already from the product name: the higher the number at the end of the model name, the more powerful the card.

Models for beginners:

In graphics cards for beginners the main aspect is the affordable purchase price. Overall performance is reduced and game eligibility is reduced. The beginner cards are especially suitable for Office and Internet applications and for older PCs.

Intermediate models:

Mid-tier graphics cards offer good performance at a fair price. They also handle high definition 4K monitors and supply the signal to two screens. In addition to Office and the Internet, these cards are also suitable for multimedia applications, such as photo enhancement, HD video, streaming, many recent games and specialized software.

Gaming Graphics Cards:

The graphics cards are optimized for games feature the “core” of faster memory and processor with turbo boost. With this type of card you will be able to enjoy the latest PC games without limits, with spectacular light, color and HDR effects. These models are great for games with great action content, high resolutions, and VR (Virtual Reality) applications.

Workstation and CAD graphics cards:

These graphics cards also suitable for professional use offer high and long-lasting performance. They are characterized by particular driver support for popular graphics, 3D and video applications.

High-end graphics cards:

The range of functions of the top models is able to fulfill all wishes. Couldn’t have more! Their overall performance is unbeatable and the suitability for games covers all genres with the utmost richness of detail. Thanks to their computing power, the high-end cards are also suitable for mining virtual currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Mining is a complicated calculation procedure through which, through software algorithms, crypto-coins, i.e. virtual money, are created on your PC. As a miner you receive a reward in the form of coin allowances (blockreward).

What are the features of the graphics cards?

The filters in the left column of the shop help you in choosing a particular model. Here you can select, for example, the memory capacity and video connections that the new graphics card should have. Furthermore, you can indicate whether you prefer an active cooling system, and therefore with strong ventilation, or passive, therefore not very noisy.

Amount of Memory: The amount of memory (memory capacity) affects the overall performance of a graphics card.

Frequency: graphics processor and video memory work at a certain frequency, which can reach 700 MHz for the processor of Office models and exceed 10’000 MHz for the video RAM of high-end cards.

Connection Type: Current graphics cards have a PCI-Express (PCIe) version 2.0, 2.1 or 3.0 connection. Thanks to backward compatibility, a PCI-Express 3.0 card also works with a PC equipped with a PCIe-2.0 slot. In addition to the version number of the PCIe, the type of connection (interface) to the mainboard is also important. This is usually PCI Express x16. The motherboard manual indicates which link is present.

Dimensions: The dimensions indicate the height of the graphics card and therefore its thickness. The standard height is that of single slot graphics cards, which occupy only one interface slot in the case. Normally these models also fit well in a compact PC case. The most powerful graphics cards, whose performance on pixels is able to literally amaze, are more technological and have a larger fan. These cards therefore take up two or more slots and are too tall for a case that offers limited space. For mini-PC cases there are low profile graphics cards with half the height.

Parallel Operation : If you want to achieve maximum graphics performance, you can equip your PC with two graphics cards to run in parallel. In this regard, you need two identical models from the AMD CrossFireX or Nvidia Graphics Card SLI series.


As a rule, the connecting cable is not included with graphics cards. It is advisable to order the necessary cable at the same time.

How do you mount a graphics card?

Fitting a new graphics card is not a complicated task and takes 15 minutes to complete. Just follow the steps below and nothing will go wrong. Let’s start with the right tool: for assembly you mainly need a medium-sized Phillips screwdriver. It is useful to use tweezers to re-fish any screws that accidentally fall into the PC.


If on a PC with onboard graphics the monitor remains black on the new graphics card, you must disable the integrated adapter in the BIOS. Temporarily connect the monitor to the previous socket. Then press the BIOS key that appears briefly on the screen after turning on the PC, most often Del or F2. Look for the item relating to the onboard card in the menu, disable the option (“disable”) and save the settings.

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