Good Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard improves your efficiency when working on your computer or when you have extended gaming sessions. It is an essential component, especially if you write a lot on the computer. Normally, many prefer a cheap keyboard, but mechanical keyboards come at a higher price, that’s why!

But which keyboard should you choose? What are all the details about the switches behind the keys? What’s new in 2022 in terms of mechanical keyboards?

What is a mechanical keyboard and why should you buy one?

Cheap normal keyboards have a kind of rubber foil under the keys that acts as a kind of spring and makes contact with the integrated under this foil when a key is pressed. The downside to this system is that it often does not make contact with a key and must be pressed as far as it will to make contact.

Laptops are not far from normal keyboards either, they have poor tactile feedback, they are only pressed for a few millimeters, the keys being very thin (low profile).

The mechanical keyboard is different, it has metal mechanical switches that activate before reaching the maximum point of contact. There are other types of switches that are considered mechanical but work completely differently. These switches (switches) individually have a dome-shaped rubber and a very sensitive conical spring.

Many switches also have very high and precise touch sensitivity. For gaming, you can use more “fluid” and faster switches to operate a specific key.

Building materials are also built to withstand.

Each switch must withstand millions of pressures. Even with heavy use, a good mechanical keyboard can last you many years. The vast majority of switches are compatible with each other, so if you have an old keyboard you can use the switches on another keyboard.

At a Glance:

Choose type (layout)

The first step is to choose the right keyboard shape for you. A traditional full-size keyboard is the most common. A numpad keyboard may not work for you, especially if you don’t use the keyboard for math calculations.

Keyboard 80%

So a smaller mechanical keyboard without a numpad may be more suitable for you in this case and the price may be lower. A keyboard without a numpad will have fewer switches in total, so the price should be considerably lower. Such keyboards are also called 80% keyboards.

In addition, the keyboard is smaller, you can keep the mouse much closer to the keyboard, this adds to the speed when you make the transition from mouse to keyboard.

60% keyboard

These models are becoming more and more popular in recent years. A 60% mechanical keyboard has only the most used keys, the alphabet, numbers and the usual keys on the edges.

They do not have function keys, f1, f2, f3, etc. (but can be operated by the combination of the Fn key and numbers). They also have the peculiarity that they do not have plastic edges on the sides, all these are pluses for certain categories of users.

Make sure that the keys you use regularly are not missing in these cases. There are also the buttons above the arrows, page down / up, delete, screenshot, etc.

40% keyboard

These models have no special number keys or orientation arrows.

They are very small, they fit in your pocket. They are ideal for conversations and for those who write a lot. Not recommended for gamers.

Choose the type of switch for the best mechanical keyboard

If you know the size you want, now comes the tricky part. Until recently, this technology was patented by a company, so there weren’t many switches to choose from. In the meantime, the patent has expired and each company has been free to create its own switches. Therefore, various switch models have appeared on the market.

The colors of the switches are what define the switch style.

It is difficult to explain the differences between them, it is best to type them in a store. The most used variants: blue, green, brown, transparent, red and black. They come in three different variants:

  • those with a high click sound (blue and green)
  • those with sensitive touch sense (brown and transparent)
  • linear switches (black and red)

Each of these categories is divided into two versions:

  • heavier (requires higher pressure when pressed)
  • lighter (requires less pressure when pressed)

Switch names

  • 1. MX Blue
  • 2. MX Green
  • 3. MX Brown
  • 4. MX Clear
  • 5. MX Black
  • 6. MX Red

Key type

  • 1. Clicky
  • 2. Clicky
  • 3. Touch
  • 4. Touch
  • 5. Linear
  • 6. Linear

Pressing power

  • 1. 50g
  • 2. 80g
  • 3. 45g
  • 4. 65g
  • 5. 60g
  • 6. 45g

Power activation key

  • 1.  60g
  • 2. 90g
  • 3. 60g
  • 4. 95g
  • 5. 80g
  • 6. 60g

Optical-mechanical keyboards

More recently, some manufacturers have implemented mechanical optical keyboards, which no longer have physical contact in the switches, but are optical sensors that are triggered when the switch reaches a certain distance from the receiving sensor.

They are much faster in response time, which can make them much different from conventional mechanical keyboards. I expect this technology to be on all gaming keyboards in the future.

In addition, since there is no physical contact in the switch, they should have a longer lifespan.

I can’t tell you what kind of switches each one prefers, but I can tell you that most people prefer the touch model and the ones with high click sound.

It is best to test them. For gamers, blue and brown switches are the most commonly used, but there may be exceptions.

For those who write a lot (typists), for example those who are learned with typewriters, a keyboard with green switches is more suitable because it provides stronger key feedback.

Modding, mechanical keyboard customization

Now that you have chosen a model, here are the main advantages.

You can customize each key as you like, being an individual switch, the button housings can be replaced very easily without affecting the pressing method, the switch will remain the same, only the button housing will be replaced.

So, the customization possibilities are endless.

Keyboard lighting

Here, depending on everyone’s preferences, most mechanical keyboards have lighting. But there are also people who prefer keyboards without lighting, which can be distracting.

Top 6 Good Mechanical Keyboard Recommendation

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Staff PickRedragon Brahma PRO
Check Price
Keyboard for Games
Budget PickRedragon Vata
Check Price
A Complete Gaming Keyboard
Best PickRazer Huntsman Elite
Check Price
A Recommended Keyboard
Royal Kludge RK61
Check Price
Platinum XT Mechanical Keyboard
Corsair K95 RGB
Check Price
A Very Popular Keyboard
HyperX Alloy Origins
Check Price

Redragon Brahma PRO

Staff Pick
Redragon Brahma PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Source: pcgarage


Optical Switch

Palm remains removable

RGB lighting

We first put a mechanical gaming keyboard with optical switches on top. Although many gamers initially said they can’t adapt to the new generations that lie ahead, I say it’s time to get used to it.

I guarantee that you will adapt, although a little harder, you will like this kind of switches.


They are not perfect!

That click feedback is missing when you know the switch will be triggered, but I’m telling you that those differences won’t be felt after a while. I say it’s worth trying this mechanical optical keyboard model. Touch feedback is the equivalent of traditional blue mechanical switches.


  • Short response time
  • Much longer lifespan
  • High quality materials


  • A little difficult

Redragon Vata

Budget Pick
Redragon Vata K580RGB Gaming Keyboard
Source: Amazon


Other aluminum

Blue Switch

5 keys for macro

8 spare switches

A fairly cheap mechanical keyboard for uncompromising gaming. High-quality materials should fit into much larger budgets, but somehow the price remains decently cheap. Of course, with the offers available, you should not spend more than 300 RON on it.

The blue switches, as I said in the article, are slightly noisier switches and require a power of 60g of push to activate, somewhere between the noisiest and quietest or a middle ground if you will.

The chassis is made of aluminum, and in the package you have six spare switches for those keys that are most often used in gaming (WASD) and possibly the arrow keys.

5 macro buttons that can be set from the software, but a slightly harder software to use, and the presets saved in the software cannot be switched directly from the keyboard, maybe a future software update solves this inconvenience.

The rather long cable, 1.8m, maybe for some may not be enough, if you use it for gaming on TV from longer distances.

The lighting is also on the edge of the keyboard, quite intense, but I had keyboards that can more, even cheaper ones have a stronger lighting.

Multimedia keyboards sometimes work well, I don’t know why others don’t enjoy them. Personally, I think they are useful for gaming. What I don’t like about her are the F’s, which are very close to the number keys. And the buttons give me the feeling that they are a little smaller on the contact surface with my fingers.


  • 8 spare switches
  • Quality materials
  • 5 dedicated macro keys


  • Has no palm rest

Razer Huntsman Elite

Best Pick
Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard
Source: Amazon


Optical-mechanical linear switches


Palm rest


Aluminum chassis

A slightly more expensive keyboard, but the technology used is superior and much longer lasting than conventional mechanical keyboards. If you’ve had other Razer peripherals, I’m sure you know about their quality.

The keyboard has an aluminum frame, and the switches are linear optical and require a pressure of activation below 40g, which makes them very pleasant to use and have a very good keytravel, similar to normal mechanical keys. They have the advantage of having a shorter response time, being optical switches, the practical signal arrives at a much faster speed.

Lighting on all 4 sides, but macro keys can only be set by key combinations. But it requires 2 USB ports to benefit from all the features.

The multimedia keys and the control wheel is very well positioned on the right edge for intuitive and fast control.


  • Palm rest magnetic
  • Fast response times
  • Quality materials


  • Requires 2 usb ports

Royal Kludge RK61

Royal Kludge RK61
Source: Amazon


RGB lighting



Strong lighting

Mechanics – Red Switch

$ 8 discount using code BGCZ61

I haven’t found such a good quality-price-performance product for a long time. A mechanical gaming keyboard with lighting and bluetooth at the price of $ 50.

I also received a coupon from Amazon Prime for visitors who follow my articles: BGCZ61, a $ 8 discount per coupon, the coupon expires on 30.06.2020. The keyboard can be controlled with 3 types of switches: Red, Brown and Blue.


  • Superior quality materials
  • It’s wireless
  • Good gaming


  • It doesn’t have spare switches

Corsair K95 RGB

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Source: Amazon


Antighosting technology

RGB lighting

RED switches

Here is a very good mechanical keyboard model with numpad. The switches are good quality red, being a linear push step, they will be much quieter compared to the blue switches. It’s on USB, so under certain circumstances it may not be detected in certain bios.


  • Decent price
  • Zonal lighting
  • Has numpad


  • Has zonal lighting

HyperX Alloy Origins

HyperX Alloy Origins - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Source: Amazon


Keyboard Description    Gaming

Connectivity Technology              Detachable (USB Type-C)

Special Feature Lighting

Compatible Devices        Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Brand    HyperX

Series    HyperX Alloy Origins

Color     RGB

Number of Keys               104

Style      HyperX Red

This gaming keyboard model with Brown (brown) touch switches, offers extra lightness when pressed, but still retains some of the resistance of pressing with the above model. The lighting can be configured according to your preferences and does not stand out too much to distract. You can set the light intensity just to be discreet for everyone’s preferences.


  • Configurable lighting
  • Has numpad
  • Small edges


  • Requires higher pressure to press

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