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Engadget's New Tech Hunters Show Is All About Our Gadget Nostalgia – HuffPost UK

From the Nokia 3310 to the Sony PlayStation the last 30 years has seen an unparalleled change in technology and how we use it.

For many of us, our first phone weighed as much as a small suitcase and had a limit on the number of letters you could send to another human. The word ‘selfie’ didn’t exist. 

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To tap into this glorious past when times were simpler, Engadget is running a new series focused on the great gadgets of our past that defined the technology we use today.

From the Sony Walkman to the Tamagotchi, TV presenter Julia Hardy will revisit some of the bravest, weirdest and coolest gadgets that have adorned our shelves.

Who can forget the ill-fated, but now hugely loved Sinclair C5. It was cumbersome, slow and incredibly dangerous on a busy motorway. Yet for all its faults it was the first true attempt at revolutionising the way we got from A to B.

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Every week the show will tackle a new part of this nostalgic journey with the first episode focusing on the one subject that everyone can relate to: phones.

It was the first mobile that really helped cut the cord for phones, the little brick that could withstand everything and even let you indulge in a spot of snake chasing.

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Yes, the Nokia 3310 was the first customisable, beautiful little pocket dialler. But how does it stack up against today’s competition? Julia Hardy tracks the handset down to find out.

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