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iOS 11 and the App Store: Your guide to the redesign – Macworld

iOS 11 App Store guide iOS wouldn’t be where it’s at if it weren’t for third-party apps. Now the App Store does more to help you find the app you need. Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was an error emailing this page. Apple “);});try{$(“div.lazyload_blox_ad”).lazyLoadAd({threshold:0,forceLoad:false,onLoad:false,onComplete:false,timeout:1500,debug:false,xray:false});}catch(exception){console.log(“error loading lazyload_ad …

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Why won't iOS 11 download? – CNET

CNET Why won’t iOS 11 download?CNETNo matter how many times I refreshed, restarted, rebooted or wished with the fervent hope of a slot-machine addict, my phone simply wouldn’t say “iOS 11 is ready to download.” I googled, I read forums, I talked to all the great tech minds here at …

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iOS 11 review: 10 things to try – The Verge

iOS 11 is available, officially, today. It’s coming to every iPhone and iPad made in the past few years, and chances are, you’re going to upgrade. When you install it on your iPhone, you’ll find that some things are very different than what you’re used to, but the core of …

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7 settings to change right away on iOS 11 – CNET – CNET

iOS 11 adds a bevy of new features and interface tweaks to your iPhone¬†(and even more changes for your iPad). After opening your new iPhone or upgrading your current iPhone, here are the settings to check or change straight away. Do Not Disturb While Driving Given the frightening number of …

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